Business Plan & Annual Report

We are happy to provide Mosman Park Primary School's Business Plan which outlines long-term direction and strategic planning which will achieve our targets and is required as part of the Delivery and Performance Agreement (DPA).

This DPA is a three year agreement entered into between our Principal, Chair of the School Board and the Director General of the Department of Education's. This agreement outlines in general terms:

  • the resources that the school will receive
  • the support that will be provided to the school
  • the programs the school will be contracted to deliver
  • the performance and accountability measures for the school over the life of the agreement.

We are also pleased to provide our latest Annual Report which gives our community specific information across both academic and non-academic performance areas. The Report also provides evidence of the schools' progress against the Achievement Targets in our Business Plan.

Annual Report 2021


Business Plan 2022 - 2025