uniform-circle-icon-no-text.svgUniform Shop

The uniform shop is open each Friday morning from 8.40am–9.15am and throughout the year on an Order Form basis by a volunteer parent.

Please view the Price List/Order Form . Prints-outs are also available at the School office. Additionally orders for uniform items can be placed via the Spriggy. The items will usually be delivered to your child's classroom on the Wednesday following the order being placed.

For more urgent uniform requests, please contact our volunteer parents on  mppsuniforms@gmail.com 

Labelling of Uniform and Personal Items

All pieces of uniform and personal items must be clearly labelled with the child's name. This includes additional items such as bathers, beach towels, rainwear, school bags, shoes and lunch boxes.



All students are required to wear a wide-brimmed or bucket style hat all year round. It is to be worn during sport, physical education, recess, lunch times and on excursions throughout the school year.


Shoes, joggers or sandals are required to be worn at all times. Bare feet or thongs are not acceptable.


Pre-primary to Year 6 wear black shorts or black skirt with a red polo shirt. A red checked dress or red checked skort (shorts/skirt in one) and red polo shirt, can be worn if preferred.


Black skirt, black track pants or black cargo pants and red polo shirt. Red school fleece or sports jacket.


Black skirt or black shorts and appropriate sports shoes. House t-shirt is to be worn during house sports events.


For Health and safety reasons hair below the shoulder should be worn up.

Interschool Sports Team

All interschool sports teams wear black shorts/skirt and red polo shirt. School jumpers/shirts are provided for some interschool teams however red/black football socks must be supplied by the student. A hat is compulsory to participate in sport.