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Before / after school clubs

Chess for Life Club

Chess for Life is a programme designed to give children from Years 2 to 6 an opportunity to learn how to play the game of chess and to gain from its many benefits. The program has been operating in Perth since 2001.

Research has shown that children who play chess typically have:

  • Strengthened problem solving skills
  • Enhanced reading, memory, language and mathematical abilities
  • An ability to think logically and efficiently, learning to select the best choice from a number of options
  • An ability to demonstrate the importance of planning and the consequence of decisions made.

Most importantly chess is a fun way to teach children how to think and solve an ever-changing and diverse array of difficult problems.

Classes start at 7.30am sharp on Wednesday February 12. New members are welcome but as the class was near capacity this year, returning members will have first option to re-join.

Please complete the Chess for Life membership form and include payment of $100 (or $90 each if more than 1 child). Cheques made payable to Jack South. For further information please call Jack South on 9271 1006 or email

Chess Club form

Minkey Teams

Minkey is an 11 week season that introduces children to hockey. It is run by Western Wolves and the person to contact for  Mosman Park Primary School teams is parent Maz Barnes ( 

For more information download Minkey 2020

Or Information can also be accessed at

Tennis Coaching

A school tennis program is being offered to the children of Mosman Park Primary for a fee of $150.00 per child. All students welcome from PP-Yr6.  See attached flyer for further information.

Tennis Term 4


  • Forms available in the school office.
  • Class sizes per coach is between 4-6 students