Fig Tree Fair

The Fig Tree Fair, hosted by the Year 5 and 6 students of Mosman Park is a wonderful community event that allows our budding entrepreneurs to fully embrace enterprise skills.

Embarking on their business journey, the children have the perfect opportunity to combine theory and real life. They learn how to problem-solve, make decisions, manage money and tap into the needs of the market. Gaining resilience and recognising their business can succeed or fail is a huge learning curve for those involved.

Through the process, the students gain knowledge about discounts, financial and marketing plans, outlays involved with businesses and time management.

Encouragement from parents is integral to the success of the Fair as the children make all their products at home so we are fortunate to have a very supportive group of families who have allowed their children to flourish and enjoy their experience.

The event happens every two years and it is wonderful to see the creativity and enthusiasm coming from all students. A rewarding experience that we are proud to provide to our school each time.

This year's event was a wonderful success with crowds flocking to the Fig Tree. A special thanks to the senior teachers for coordinating this event.