Reconciliation Week 2022

On Friday 27th May, our school's work as allies for Reconciliation was acknowledged at the NRW Reconciliation Virtual Breakfast through a pre-recorded video.  This video was seen by the Director General of Education and so some of our staff and students were invited to join her during the Walk for Reconciliation at Kaarta Koomba (Kings Park) on Friday 3rd June during Reconciliation Week.  You can view the video which incorporates both the English and Noongar version of our school song as well as our Acknowledgement of Country by clicking here.

Back at the school during Reconciliation Week, we began with a Welcome To Country from Aunty Freda Ogilvie; learned about Sorry Day (26th May); Mabo Day (3rd June); discovered why we acknowledge Reconciliation and what it is; looked into Racism; found out about the meaning and history of the Aboriginal flag; heard about our own Fanny Balbuk (freedom fighter of old – also the name of one of our sporting houses); and enjoyed more stories, language and culture. We finished with a yarning circle to discuss the impact of everything we had learned.